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A Bit of Good News to Share with You

I have been blogging on Medium, a blogsite – sorta like Facebook – where I have my own writer’s page, along with 200,000 others.  The advantage of Medium is that search engines like Google comb their pages and refer readers – so I actually get readers referred by search engines.  For someone hopelessly behind in their tech understanding, SEO optimization is one of those new-fangled things I have to learn.

I also need to learn a lot about posting and managing this blog, which will probably come slowly.

Famous writers and famous people also blog (or have their PR reps blog) on Medium.  Mostly it’s us amateurs.  But it was after I read Ursula Le Guin’s last book, which was based on her blog site, that I decided I could do this, too.

I am a top Humor Writer, after two months on Medium.  I was surprised, although one of my posts has had a large number of readers.  There is no telling what is a hit and what is a miss.  I tried to write a blog that checked all the boxes, and it went nowhere.  I’ve given up trying to hit a home run and just write a story of the many stories we share, the bunt singles that advance the runners.

Fair Warning – sometimes I am inspired by the stories I hear from friends and family, and I never, never disclose a name or source, but life is what we bring to the writing-table. You may recognize something familiar. I also might be prone to exaggeration. More than a tiny bit.

Much of what I post on Medium is re-posted here, if it fits broadly within the themes of Aging and Spirituality, oftentimes with a humorous take.  But not all posts –as you know—are funny.

One of the joys and reasons for writing is to learn what one thinks.  I am sometimes motivated to action after I write down what I say I will do.  I remember one time I was asked in an interview, “What would you do if a doctor was publicly berating a nurse on your team?”

I gave a good answer.  In my first week on the job, a doctor was publicly berating a nurse on my team, so I thought, OK, I have to live up to the answer I gave in the interview.  I intervened and asked him to step away from the public with me, so I could ask what was wrong.

So tell me if I’m wrong. 

But otherwise, if you think it is worthwhile, you are welcome to share my blogsites www.medium.com/sharonjo1411 (a $5/month subscription) or www.common-sage.com, free.

Bell hooks said that writing was her activism, and I embrace that sentiment.

I also have been trying to write about things that are funny, because we all need a break from the real world. We need a laugh, and maybe that is part of what I can do.

Thank you for this commercial break, and thank you for reading.

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