Hear That Lonesome Whistle Blow

The Harmonic Chords of a Train Whistle A freight train rolls by on the tracks, and the engineer pulls the whistle, which reverberates across the river and comes back as an echo. The right combination of speed, the Doppler effect, … Read More

The Vagaries of Blog Appearances

Sorry I have not posted for awhile, but the website went down for reasons I don’t understand and came back online for reasons I don’t understand. I do understand that a writer these days must become minimally technically proficient, which … Read More

The Generation Gap & Mothers

Boomers may have had that distance If you created a table of organization for my birth family, the father would have been CEO, then the mother as COO, with all other lines reporting up through her. I don’t think this … Read More

The Zing of Feeling Enmity Polarization Has Emotional Roots I did not want to be in a support staff position. I wanted to be in operations and run the show, even if it was a small show. I did, eventually. … Read More

The Ample Lap of a Grandma

The comfort of pillows My four-year-old grandchild was too sick for daycare today but not sick enough to be down and out. She had a bad cold and a slight fever. The last time she had a bad cold, I … Read More

Love: To Know and Be Known

Being in love with the idea of love · When I was a senior in college and confused, I asked a lot of different people, older than me, almost like a research project, why they married their spouses. The answers … Read More

Romantic Women Friends, Boston Marriages

Partnerships between women 100 years ago Boston marriage refers to a long-time partnership between single women, often during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The term originated with Henry James’ novel The Bostonians, depicting a long-term relationship between two … Read More

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