The Generation Gap & Mothers

Boomers may have had that distance If you created a table of organization for my birth family, the father would have been CEO, then the mother as COO, with all other lines reporting up through her. I don’t think this … Read More

The Zing of Feeling Enmity Polarization Has Emotional Roots I did not want to be in a support staff position. I wanted to be in operations and run the show, even if it was a small show. I did, eventually. … Read More

The Ample Lap of a Grandma

The comfort of pillows My four-year-old grandchild was too sick for daycare today but not sick enough to be down and out. She had a bad cold and a slight fever. The last time she had a bad cold, I … Read More

Love: To Know and Be Known

Being in love with the idea of love · When I was a senior in college and confused, I asked a lot of different people, older than me, almost like a research project, why they married their spouses. The answers … Read More

Romantic Women Friends, Boston Marriages

Partnerships between women 100 years ago Boston marriage refers to a long-time partnership between single women, often during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The term originated with Henry James’ novel The Bostonians, depicting a long-term relationship between two … Read More

That Night at Studio 54

Tales from New York City in the 70s It was Studio 54’s heyday, and I wanted to go. The neighborhood Democratic Party sold tickets as a fundraiser that gave the holder entrance to Studio 54. Standing in line was a … Read More

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