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Baby Nightlight, Curmudgeon Edition

I will become a grandma in another 4 to 6 weeks, so I have been looking at items the new parents might use.  It’s a different world out there.

I won’t tell you I walked five miles to work while pregnant uphill in a blizzard both ways, but that’s what it feels like when it comes to baby paraphernalia.

I browsed for nursery lamps or nightlights or music.  I remember buying a lamp base that was a red truck with a standard bulb and a shade, thirty years ago.

Did you know you can buy a night lamp that glows in different colors, syncs to Blue Tooth, and depends on the app on your phone?  You know, a blue glow to the Beatles is different than a yellow glow to Brahms?  The price is higher than the red truck, too.  You can get a version that displays swirling stars on the ceiling.  This may not be news to you.  I think if you are stumbling into the baby’s room at 2 a.m., maybe you just want to push the “On” button, so I will opt for old school.  No apps.

Nightlights used to plug into the wall, and you got them for $2.99 in a grocery store aisle.  Now they are shaped like animals, and they play white noise, like raindrops, and they can probably talk or change diapers, I don’t know.  They cost more than $2.99.  I do like the owl.

I’ve been nostalgic for the songs of Raffi, so I want to find a basic CD player, and a CD where he sings “Baby Beluga.”  I thought I would never want to hear that song again, but after thirty years, I remember all the words. 

I’m restricting my curiosity, though.  I’m liking the idea of a rocking chair, and lullabies, and wash cloths and story books.  That feels like grandma material.

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