Protest Song

Where are all the protest songs? Long time passing? Caged children don’t wade in the water. What blows in the wind? We count and it’s one, two, three what are we waiting for? We’re in a silent war. Does outrage … Read More

Saging, a Poem

Aromatic burning, smoke wafting upwards, Dish of glowing sage offered North, East, South, West Cleansing old energy, making room for new We have accumulated years, Were young Turks once The Ottoman Empire reduced to metaphor Our fate, like Black Elk, … Read More


Boomerang kids are those kids who slingshot back home as young adults.  Post-recession career-type jobs were hard to come by, and most parents had a twenty-something that regretted living in the basement as much as we missed our freedom.  Entry-level … Read More

Becoming the music

Becoming the Music Considering Matthew Shepard is a haunting, beautiful cantata sung by Conspirare, a renowned choral group.  The night I heard a live performance, the audience was part of each note; we listened through to the end without one … Read More

No one cares, Your Highness…

Age – which we wear by virtue of being retired—is a great equalizer for women.  Maybe men, too, I don’t know, but there were some decades when being a single woman, a single parent, definitely felt like not being chosen … Read More

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