Nativity Play with Hilarity

The nativity pageant with the most laughs per minute is told by John Irving in A Prayer for Owen Meany. If you have chuckled from the back pew as children in bathrobes with towels on their heads battled in a … Read More

Bell Hooks: An Appreciation

“Feminism does not ground me. It is the discipline that comes from spiritual practice that is the foundation of my life. If we talk about what a disciplined writer I have been and hope to continue to be, that discipline … Read More

The Fiftieth

Signs across the sagebrush high desert are “Open Range. Watch out for Stock.”   “Antelope Crossing.”  No signs for restaurants, or gas stations, or rest stops for 120 miles. It’s a long way from the west coast to Bismarck, North Dakota, … Read More

The Quotidian

“Quotidian” is a word I haven’t used before.  It derives from Latin and refers to dailiness, mundane.  Kathleen Norris, a spiritual writer, has a book called The Quotidian Mysteries: Laundry, Liturgy and Women’s Work. The title reminds me of dish … Read More


From the Essay “Winter Hours” in the book Upstream by Mary Oliver. In the winter I was writing about, there was much darkness. Darkness of nature, darkness of event, darkness of spirit. The sprawling darkness of not knowing. We speak … Read More

Banning a mural of hope

An artist’s rendition of Greta Thunberg on a mural in Bismarck, North Dakota, was recently withdrawn from consideration after protests against the mural.  I feel deeply saddened and aggrieved. I grew up with the belief that I could do anything … Read More


Dear Little Girl You looked perfect Your parents said And it is True Rosebud lips and button nose Deep gray blue eyes Pink baby, pink skin Hair – ginger, sandy Yet to tell. Your mother surrenders Her body to you … Read More

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