Concourse Z. Gate 2. Hell.

First international trip since Before You have the middle seat in the last row of the airplane. The one that can’t recline. A very tall, thin man who nods and smiles behind a bushy mustache is seated next to the … Read More

Geezer Romance

The criteria for a Match A male acquaintance complained about a widowed peer who at 75 was behaving like a 20-year-old. He was dating and looking for love. More power to him. My last partner in romance died about four … Read More

Society’s Child on Final Tour

Janis Ian’s soundtrack and Grammy-winning audiobook. Janis Ian is doing a farewell tour. The soundtrack in my head includes Janis Ian’s At Seventeen and Society’s Child. She was one of the singer-songwriters embraced by the hip kids, and I remember her music of the … Read More

Interview With Easter Rabbit

E.B. reveals preferred pronouns and contract negotiations The first question for you Easter Rabbit — or Bunny, can I call you Bunny? — is what are your pronouns? E.B. Yeah, well, this is a subject of debate. I am a … Read More

I Miss Obscene Phone Calls

You can’t slam a cell phone down. Before universal caller identification on our cell phones, back in the dawn of time or at least telephones, we all had land lines and no caller ID and no voice mail. We ran … Read More

I’ve Planted Gardens no Longer Mine

I need bright colors and fragrances and miniature houses for fantasy. I planted tulip bulbs and mums, almond trees, lilacs, and weeping cherries in yards no longer mine. My bleeding heart in Minnesota grew to a bountiful, huge bush. Neighbors … Read More

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