One Swallow Does Not Make a Summer

Why happiness is the sum of our lives at the end One of the lessons I remember from my Intro to Philosophy class lo these fifty years hence is that Aristotle thought happiness cannot be fully known until old age. When … Read More

The Best New York Times Headline Ever

“When an Eel Climbs a Ramp to Eat Squid from a Clamp…” Moray eel — — Koh Tao When I read the headline, I was thunderstruck by how good it was. The internet loved it too. A science story … Read More

Ways to Entertain a 3-Year-Old

A guide for grandparents and other adults Blow dandelions Adults look at a lawn of seeding dandelions and see weeds about to spread. A three-year-old is delighted by picking a bouquet of yellow flowers. You pick a round-seeded head of … Read More

Right, Wrong, and Prophetic: Angela Davis

Dr. Davis was on Time’s 2020 List of Most Influential People In 2020, Angela Davis was included on Time’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world. That is 2020, when the list includes Kamala Harris and Joe Biden and other contemporary figures … Read More

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