Renting in Retirement

I’ve given up maintenance for more time. The decision to retire someplace without snow and ice was made when I was flat on my back on the sidewalk in Minnesota. The black ice was invisible, and I had stepped off … Read More

My Dahlia Season

Dahlias provide color from August until frost A delight of retiring to Oregon, which I didn’t know before I moved, is the plenitude of flower farmers. Many farmers open their fields in the blooming season, to bring in customers and … Read More

Dear Janis Joplin

What if you were alive now at 80? Your skin was turned inside out. Raw is the adjective used for you. Raw emotions. Raw voice. Raw talent. But you were starting to learn to control your voice, so it could last many … Read More

One Swallow Does Not Make a Summer

Why happiness is the sum of our lives at the end One of the lessons I remember from my Intro to Philosophy class lo these fifty years hence is that Aristotle thought happiness cannot be fully known until old age. When … Read More

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