The Kremlin Did It. They Pushed Me.

The Kremlin Insiders did it. I fell on the way to the farmer’s market. I tumbled right into their scheme. When I fell, I was walking without my walking sticks, crossing a crumbling and well-pot-holed stretch of city street. They … Read More

Farmer’s Market Peaches! Cleft for Me!

Peaches are a sensual fruit. Five types of peaches and nectarines displayed their sweet fruit on one stand at the farmers’ market. Yellow, rosy, a little fuzzy, clean, white flesh, golden yellow flesh. I didn’t like peaches growing up in … Read More

I owned a Little House by the River

The view was operatic–My yard, the slope, the river rock,The water, the further shore,Fields, sometimes deer, raccoons,The highway, concrete stream curving up the hillPast crops, an apple orchard,Farm buildings on the far horizon. I hung a birdfeeder on my deckFed nuthatches, … Read More

This is My Last Rodeo; Bodacious

When is courage just stupidity? The streets around the rodeo grounds were blocked off, and vendors sold Western gear, boots, hats, bandanas, and kids’ souvenirs. The stands closest to the grounds sold food — a variety of beef, beer, and … Read More

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