Boomer Grands and Gentle Parenting

“Don’t bleed on my floor” vs. “How do you feel?” “Don’t bleed on my clean kitchen floor,” my mother told my brother, who had fallen off his bike and abraded his leg from knee to ankle. “Go outside and wash … Read More

The Divine in Art

The juxtaposition of likes and opposites Robert Mapplethorpe and Michelangelo I had just taken a picture of my companion, a dark-skinned black man, with a white-painted come-to-life mime. The mimes posed still as statuary until they moved, startling us with … Read More

Nostalgia and Other Lies

A poem for October Nostalgia and Other Lies Red maple leaf, Canadian flag bright Oak leaf crayola yellow Iron between two sheets of wax paper Label for school project and scrapbook Read O. Henry story “The Last Leaf” and Poem … Read More

The Ring of Fire and the Paisley Bar

Traveling in the Oregon Outback I had traveled to the high desert of Oregon to see the annular eclipse. The October sunshine highlighted the yellow leaves on trees among the tall timber on my drive across the Cascades pass. As … Read More

Two Peace Activists are Missing

A meditation Today I read about an Israeli-Canadian woman and an American-Israeli woman who are each missing near the Gaza Strip. Each has dual citizenship, each has spent decades working for peace among the hostile factions. I thought of two … Read More

The World Inside Your Head

Wayne Shorter, Jazz Artist, Sharing the Creative Process The Wayne Shorter documentary currently streaming (Zero Gravity) blew me away. It’s not often I see a piece on screen, or read an essay, that allows me to enter into and understand … Read More

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