Optimism is a Moral Choice

We can model resilience in uncertainty. The whiplash just keeps coming. Covid. Climate Change. Local Disasters. Global Instability. Riots. War. Those of us with lived experience — we who are older — have both the opportunity and responsibility to model … Read More

When Our Best Friends, Our Parents, Die

Longer adult friendships with parents are new, generationally. I never had a Grandma and Grandpa that matched the storybook pictures. When I was a grandkid in the 1960s, the average lifespan was the late 60’s. Both grandfathers had died before … Read More

Eulogy for Pantyhose

I tossed an entire drawer full of pantyhose. I don’t know when that red-letter day was — This Is The Last Day I Wear Pantyhose — but it was some time four years ago when I still went to an … Read More

How Ice Fishing Leads to Prostitution

Peppermint Schnapps is not worth the deprivation Ice fishing promotions can lead to prostitution, an Ohio mayor declared. He has just announced his resignation. Others may have tittered about this statement, but they probably have never been ice fishing. I … Read More

Nativity Play with Hilarity

The nativity pageant with the most laughs per minute is told by John Irving in A Prayer for Owen Meany. If you have chuckled from the back pew as children in bathrobes with towels on their heads battled in a … Read More

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