Our Words Fly Out on Butterfly Wings

They ride the thermals. Our words fly out on butterfly wings to climb the thermals. The mystery of the internet is anybody can be reading anything at any time. Including your post. Including this post. It takes one reader to … Read More

Heterodoxy: a Salon to Create Feminists

Women’s Clubs were the Cauldron for Leadership and Service. Women’s Clubs have been a predecessor place for women to experience leadership, service, grow skills, and camaraderie. Women’s clubs came into their own in the mid-19th century. Early versions were Ladies … Read More

Amazon Feminist Collective vs. Amazon.com

The What-If’s of a long-ago court settlement I moved to Minneapolis in 1991 and occasionally went to the Amazon book store, a feminist collective that sold books to that audience. The Amazon collective was named after the mythical fierce women … Read More

Arthur Ritis Came to Visit

On his shameful choice of business Arthur Ritis came to visit On his shameful choice of business First my ankles then my toes Now my knees — what’s next, my nose? Ibuprofen, CBD oil Padded knee brace, copper in coil … Read More

Swimming Across the World

Or some small part of it I have swum in lakes and oceans and bays and pools across the world. Sometimes I am the only swimmer, a lumpy form in a black swimsuit. It doesn’t matter. I swim for myself. … Read More

The Irises are Showboating

They look about to pirouette. Tra-la! It’s May!… The lusty month of May! Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe, Camelot —– The dogwood is at its peak, with luminescent pink blooms and white petals overlapping each other on the trees. … Read More

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