This is My Last Rodeo; Bodacious

When is courage just stupidity? The streets around the rodeo grounds were blocked off, and vendors sold Western gear, boots, hats, bandanas, and kids’ souvenirs. The stands closest to the grounds sold food — a variety of beef, beer, and … Read More

Mourning Doves and Life Lessons

Freighted Meaning and Hunting Targets A pair of mourning doves eat the seeds underneath my feeder. Although I rotate the bird feeder on a pole, the squirrels’ acrobatics get the seeds to fall. It serves them, but also the birds who … Read More

True Believers and Misled Passion

Persistence and incrementalism get us further in life and work “I believe counts, right now, for more than “the evidence shows…” Belief based on emotion is dangerous. We need to be humble. The world can make us so. Passion is … Read More

Lavender Festivals, Oregon

The scent and taste wafting in the air. My favorite lavender festival was last weekend, and a friend and I made our annual trek to the fields and hills of the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Pictures of the mounded purple … Read More

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