The Conch Shell Caught in a Gyre

The spiral of time My grandmother was born in the 19th century, 1889. My granddaughter was born in the 21st century, 2020, and may live into the 22nd century. That’s a long span of time. It is difficult to project … Read More

Why Do Some Men Age into Hermits?

Single after divorce or death, not flourishing. I know several men who are into older age, older than sixty, and not doing well. These struggling men include a former very successful businessman and others who also had respected jobs. They … Read More

Joshua Tree Rocks in December

Snow and cactus celebrations We are in Joshua Tree National Park on the Solstice. The piles of rocks and boulders, some perched at peculiar angles, seem like an appropriate Druidic place to be. Sand, bristly plants, and cacti surround us. … Read More

Twenty Things I am Grateful for in 2022

Expressing gratitude is a research-based method for increasing happiness I am grateful to wake up in the morning, refreshed. I am grateful to write at this keyboard, energized. I am grateful for family nearby, to join lives in support. I … Read More

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