Writing Wants Funny

For any nattering nabobs of negativity… The public reading was unrelentingly grim. Very good writing, perhaps, but the two readers’ subject matters were child abuse, death, and an apocalyptic view of global warming. They should have served cyanide-laced Kool-Aid at … Read More

Is Easter the same root as Estrogen?

Let’s claim the fall equinox for falling fertility. Easter is only named Easter in English-speaking traditions. Pascha is the root name for the spring Christian holiday in most other cultures, originally meaning Passover, from the Jewish tradition. Why do we call Easter by that … Read More

Holy Moly. I Could Live a Long Time.

Have you taken the Blue Zones Vitality Test? I took the Blue Zones Vitality Test. You can too, right here: Blue Zones Vitality Test. Full disclosure: I will turn 70 this year, and I got back from the doctor’s office, had … Read More

Thank you, Congresswoman Pat Schroeder

Schroeder helped enact laws to support equality Pat Schroeder sat in the small living room of a house in Denver, a meet-the-new-congresswoman event in 1973. She had just been elected to the House of Representatives at age 32, two years … Read More

Call me Scarface

How many skin cancers are on your face? Maybe you slathered on cocoa butter or baby oil and baked beneath the sun in your teen-aged years to get that Coppertone tan, even if you were a fair white person with … Read More

The Navy Vet

What labels do we use to define a life? “I’m so lonely,” he said. “Would you have a drink with me on my patio for happy hour?” Our cars were assigned parking spaces next to each other. He owned an … Read More

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